Jewelry has a lot to do with visibility and personal expression. It can be a lucky charm, a souvenir, a memory, symbolize a sense of belonging, underline your personality, express your well-being. Jewelry is a form of communication. With yourself and with your surroundings.


Sidang is a jewelry brand that I launched in 2019. My name is Lalita Huggler. I am originally from Thailand and have lived in Switzerland since 2010. I am married and a happy mother of two children. 

In my home country, I was involved in the family business and discovered my love for jewelry at an early age. My skills, design abilities and passion for fashion, which I have acquired over the course of my life, were the ideal basis for launching the new Sidang label. 

A jewelry label that embodies my passion and love for jewelry. Sidang means red color and stands for happiness and a long life . 

I am currently working with various smaller manufacturers in Thailand that I know personally. These manufacturers sometimes manufacture traditional jewelry fairly. I am proud that I can combine tradition with my own creations and support small businesses in the process. 

It was and is important to me that I can combine the traditional with the new, both conceptually and creatively, and that this is how the Sidang label can express itself: jewelry for a happy and long life. 






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