Sara Halsketten

CHF 129.00
Color: 18k Vergoldet

Der Sara Charm ist einfach bezaubernd! Er ist elegant und besonders durch das zarte Blumen Detail. Dieser Charm ist nicht nur vielseitig kombinierbar, sondern auch schlicht und dennoch ein echter Blickfang. Doch das beste ist, dass du den Charm an jede Halskette anbringen kannst, die dir gefällt!Ausserdem bringen die Mondsteine den Charm auf eine besondere Art und Weise zum strahlen! 

Dieser Charm würde beispielsweise mit der Santana Halskette mit Mondstein perfekt kombiniert aussehen!


  • 925 Sterlingsilber mit 18k Vergoldung

  • Edelsteine: Mondstein

  • Durchmesser der Blume: 1,4 cm x 1,4 cm

  • Handgefertigter und hochwertiger Traumschmuck aus Thailand

*Damit dein Schmuck so lange wie möglich schön bleibt, beachte bitte unsere Pflegehinweise

18k Gold Vermeil

All of our jewelry is handmade from gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is made of high-quality sterling silver at its core, covered with a very thick, multiple layer of real gold. To make your new favorite jewelry even more robust, we only use the finest 18-carat gold for our gold plating. This special process enables us to design long-lasting jewelry that is very similar to pure gold jewelry, but without having to charge excessive prices. We only use hypoallergenic materials for production and all of our products are of course nickel-free! The careful selection of our materials and regular checks guarantee the high quality standard of each of our Sidang jewelry pieces.

925 Sterling Silver

Our silver jewelry is made exclusively from the highest quality 925 sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We even coat our silver jewelry with another layer of silver plating to give it extra shine and durability. All of our sterling silver pieces are stamped with a 925 stamp, which indicates the purity of the metal.


Designed in Switzerland and handmade in a small family business in Bangkok, Thailand, where quality, precision work and love for the craftsmanship process have been passed down for generations, with good working conditions for the employees.


We attach great importance to the highest quality
for all processed stones and materials with the aim
to create a piece of jewelry that can accompany you every day.
Each piece of jewelry is handmade
Stone with meaning
Smokey Quartz : Protection, Healing
Garnet: energy, strength, joy of life
Lapis lazuli : power, prosperity, truth
Rose Quartz : Love, Healing, Harmony
Labradorite : Protection, Spirituality, Power Strength
Moonstone : Protection, Healing
Blue Chalcedony : Peace, harmony, trust
Topaz : success, wish fulfillment, creativity
Onyx : protection, trust, strength, stability
Mother of pearl : love, purity

A good jewelry repair service like ours can work wonders. We will take care of every broken clasp, every loose stone and every damaged chain free of charge within one year to ensure that your valuable jewelry looks like new again. With our expertise and precision, we ensure that you can wear your favorite pieces of jewelry again and that they retain their unique beauty. Trust our service and give your SIDANG jewelry a second chance to continue to shine!


We will deliver your order to your desired address (delivery or postal address) within 48 hours.


Returned jewelry must be in its original condition: boxes and pouches must be complete & intact, products must be new and unworn

How much time do I have?

You can return your order within 14 days of delivery of the goods.

To which address can I return the goods?

Send your goods with your sender to:

LABA Accessories GmbH

Zürcherstrasse 19d

8917 Oberlunkhofen

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